Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jane Henson's Advice

"Make sure you make it your own," she said, in reference to the artwork that will be used in the doc, "Who IS Jim Henson?" which I'm trying to produce. "Don't use his drawings, but be influenced BY them. Because you're a young go-getter filmmaker and there's no need to tie you up in legal copyright problems."

I was at the Henson Carriage House last night for a small event and I got a chance to talk about the project with a few other people. Said Fran Brill: "What an original concept! It sounds great." Bonnie Erickson also liked the sound of it. Craig Shemin seemed more interested in my new Animation Supervisor, Pilar Newton. Pilar has been in the NY animation industry for 11 years, is a huge muppet fan, AND has been friends with Heather Henson since her days at RISD. Of all things, she and Craig were talking about their common ground working on "Courage the Cowardly Dog."

My main contact, Aruthur Novell, who invited me to the house last night, is the Executive Director of the Jim Henson Legacy. He says he appreciates my efforts and adds, "Not to worry, you are moving in the right direction."

So I personally gave all the aforementioned people a copy of the video pitch and the written prospectus, and I'll find out what they discuss. I'm also officially incomunicato with Heather Henson, who I'll be talking with after her busy week is over.

In addition to local animators, I'm emailing other Sesame Street animators - people who have been contributing their unique style since, say, 1982.

And I met with an experienced friend to discuss the prospect of applying for grants. The process sounds hard and gruelling and filled with red-tape ... but I've managed my screwy bill with the Cable Company for a while, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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